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2013 "Na Wei. Donghua Cup"

Recently, the 2013 "Na Wei · Donghua Cup" Seventh Chinese college apparel draping Contest Donghua University in Shanghai come to an end. China Textile Industry Association vice president Xu Ying, Chinese textile and garment Education Association Ni Yangsheng other leaders attended the contest, and to contest their solemn cast a vote.

Donghua University weekdays surrounded by trees, green grass lawn in the garden as if into a natural T station, 78 and 10 individual body model with live models dressed in white fabric made of all kinds of garments and dress creative campus nestled in the spring, These are precisely cut the shape Contest excellent work and previous contest winners. This year's competition attracted Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Clothing apparel nationwide, more than 30 college students to participate. Interestingly, the first contest was to cut the month has now become advocates Xin Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts teacher, the students took to the competition. Competition in addition to inviting Zhang Yong Pei, Li Chunjiang other famous designers as judges, but also for the audience on-site voting. Final two aspects of technology and styling, technical aspects of the major players of the field test of the abilities tailored to require the production of a garment cut scene works. In the ultimate "PK" in Donghua University School of Art and Design Xu won the gold medal technical aspects. The shape of the main part of the static display works, through to the live audience vote, Yellow Gold Award Tsinghua graduates were contingent, South China Agricultural University and Donghua University Yangyi Kun Yang Liling, He Bei, WANG Xin Tao won. Draping known clothing "soft sculpture," said the dual characteristics with art and technology. Since the structure directly on the body draping creation, therefore, to cut the contest in addition to PK creative, more PK ability.

Xu Ying to "Fashion Times" reporter, said: "Education is not only in the classroom, the books can be combined with business, to provide students with more opportunities to practice." Contest organizers, Donghua University Associate Professor, School of Art and Design Liu Yongmei to "Fashion Times" reporter: "Every year stand out from the competition to cut a lot of talent, because of its excellent design and ability to be a fancy business, some even in the contest site was looted enterprise." Donghua University has seven consecutive years on the Haina Wei Fashion Design Co., Ltd. joint research cooperation, for the country to cut the contest organized. One of the highlights as a contest, Donghua University Textile and Apparel dozen institutions but also with the Hai Jiana Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Cixi City, Zhejiang Greek Ho Pui clothing model factory and Beijing Liuhe Health Technology Development Co., Ltd., on school-enterprise co-organized a symposium and other issues. On Textile Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Hai Jiana excellent contingent spoke: "Garner mainly engaged in garment dimensional body scanning and three-dimensional garment design, fitting development, promotion, designers and students can use our software easily create CLO3D clothing At present, Tsinghua University, Donghua University, Beijing Institute of Clothing and other institutions have become our customers. "live demo of the seminar, the reporter saw, use CLO3D software can quickly and easily on the clothing patterns, designs improvisation modified , can save costs and reduce the production process. Teacher's textile and garment institutions CLO3D software can more effectively teach students about garment construction, fashion design and textile properties, teachers and students can also use it to organize online clothing college conference, publish their virtual fashion show. "We are willing to sponsor student activities provide students with high-tech mannequins for learning." Greek Ho Pui clothing model factory manager Xu said the new law.