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D garment fitting clothing online help system

Nowadays, more and more people love to buy clothes online, but often find that picked and chose the clothes, hand but does not fit. Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong University of Yuen and his team to develop "three-dimensional apparel garment system," so that the cutting plane in three-dimensional view, complete, and through animation shows the effect of garments, or the future of their online fitting can help consumers .

The procedure for laser scanning 200 females and 300 males, 300 000 in the human body selected coordinate warehousing, and from 300,000 coordinate key points extracted 184 established human model, and finally establish the height, head length, bust, waist, tilt angle 34 critical data. By adjusting the data, you can build fat, thin, flexible and various models.

Mr Yuen said that the three-dimensional planar cut with the biggest difference is that the process of tailoring the model or models who are accomplished, in three-dimensional space, the designers created the same time, be able to see costumes changes also reduce clipping plane due to calculation or some of the mapping error caused by the obtained shape of garment pattern with high accuracy. "Three-dimensional garment System" in the model so that designers like cut clothing. At the same time, the system automatically looks into pieces, so that a molding.